The Terraces at Cadence Park

Michigan City, Indiana, USA

Key Details New Design of a 12-Story Mixed-Use Development with 350 Apartments

Status Concept

Client Acorn Capital Development

Role Concept Designer

Creating an iconic Live-Work-Play experience in Michigan City, The Terraces at Cadence Park maximize picturesque views of the water while providing convenience and access to the surrounding bustling urban environment. The design vision for the mixed-use residences is to elevate the architectural skyline of the area while providing class-A, market-rate apartments to residents.

The METICULOUS team is working to create a welcoming, dynamic, and highly visible and attractive destination community where people truly enjoy where they live. High-quality design enhanced scenic views, top-rated amenities, connectivity to the site surroundings, an on-site restaurant, and emphasis on sustainability help create a thriving activity hub in the middle of a vibrant, activated district.
METICULOUS is maximizing site design, taking advantage of the water views for optimal visibility, appeal, and building layout efficiencies, while also creating a strong urban edge that reflects New Michigan as a destination. First floor retail space will bring commercial businesses closer to the residential neighborhoods and create more of a mixed-use development on the site. By creating a strong architectural statement that reflects Michigan City and its history, Cadence Park serves as a catalyst for future developments.