Exterior rendering of the Tolson Center for Community Excellence at dusk

Architecture embodies all that we touch. METICULOUS is a combination of artists and tacticians imagining, coordinating, and creating some of the world’s most iconic places. Our team views Architecture as the art and science of inspired ideas seeking to create a harmonious balance between people, the environment, cultures, technology, and sustainability. Great design is forward thinking, yet reflective, ensuring the past and present are integrated into new forms and thinking focused on solving difficult challenges. 

METICULOUS is committed to helping clients achieve beautiful, functional, and innovative designs tailored to individual needs and wants. We combine global reach with a community-focused local touch as we integrate research, proven processes, adherence to best practices, and our passionate pursuit of excellence, to design for humanity.

It is our understanding that quality of life is greatly enhanced through careful and thoughtful Urban Design that promotes positive feelings and connectivity. Our METICULOUS team seeks design solutions with measurable impacts to overall well-being and societal satisfaction. By ensuring optimal live, work, play environments, people enjoy access to career growth, socializing networks, better healthcare, and a host of other benefits through urban living.

Urban Design centers on designing and shaping the physical features of urban areas to create a vision for a city’s future and to guide development in sustainable and equitable ways. It involves the planning, designing, and managing the physical elements of a city or town, including its travel ways, buildings, parks, open spaces, and infrastructure. METICULOUS works collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to define goals and objectives for planning vibrant cityscapes and public spaces, improve safety, increase efficiency, and map out actionable plans for continued success. Our commitment to meaningful, purposeful, impactful work for communities enables us to effectively navigate local regulatory approval processes from platting subdivisions to zoning and permitting. We also provide services for issues of site analysis, access, circulation, parking, local development guidelines and placemaking. 

People benefit through bridging the past, the present, and the future into a cohesive roadmap for continued success. Planning offers stakeholders the big picture perspective of the many integrated components that connect, strengthen, and propel development in communities, to provide actionable strategies for moving beneficially forward. METICULOUS focuses on meaningful, purposeful, and impactful planning efforts, helping communities lay the foundation for a better tomorrow.

Planning is a comprehensive creative process that ultimately guides the physical development of communities for both the near-future and the long-term vision. Mapping out plans for population growth, land use, transportation, economic development, natural resources, housing, public facilities, and services involves identifying the community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – to ensure development is sustainable and equitable. Planning considers and focuses on the needs of the current and future generations of residents. It begins with a comprehensive assessment of the current conditions capturing needs and goals and outlining strategies for achieving them.

Environments have the power to create a better world through how they make people feel. When equal parts creativity, sustainability, intent, and usability unite in harmony, Interior Design provides sites of beauty where living, working, playing, and discovering are intuitive and immersive. It just feels right. It’s immeasurably more than the colors and textures, sounds, and patterns – it’s the harmonization of these elements together that create the unique experiences for each space. Our Interior Designers engage closely with clients, listening to understand the goals and requirements of a project, intending to expertly design intelligent responses that infuse the organization’s personality into each space.

Successful Project Management stems from industry professionals focused on results and leading teams through cohesive, efficient delivery. Our Project Management approach covers the full scope of work and the entire range of activities necessary to deliver the highest quality, complex, multi-disciplinary projects on time, within budget. METICULOUS provides tailored and unique strategies to meet the specific needs of each client, considering their individual diversified organizational needs. Our processes ensure a seamless flow of information between all parties from project planning and management, design coordination and management, procurement and contract administration, construction execution and supervision, quality assurance and control, and health, safety, and environment management, to project closeout and commissioning. Through improved efficiency, greater flexibility, fiscal cost control, comprehensive services, and increased productivity, our Project Management Team ensures better client satisfaction from design to occupancy.