Since our inception, METICULOUS has been driven and guided by a simple idea — that who we are and what we do matter. We have meaning. We have purpose. We have impact. We carry out form and function with style and substance. We create intentional spaces and experiences that elevate the human spirit. Our purpose is to be a diverse, world-class, global design firm focused on work that is Meaningful, Purposeful, and Impactful.

You will see and feel these experiences whenever you interact with anyone from the METICULOUS team. Our embodied diversity continues to drive us forward. We strive to manifest the idea that in everything we do, design, and build, we are going to positively impact humanity.

The new METICULOUS brand identity extends this belief from our people into a simple visual narrative. Our modular logo reflects the broad set of experiences that forms us and the extensive scope of our work. Our purpose drives us courageously forward with intent, curiosity, compassion, respect, and integrity, creating excellence and improving the lives of the people we serve.


Civic & Municipal
Mixed Use
Urban Design
Recreation & Wellness

Each icon is not only a visual representation itself, but it is also a building block and a source point to better articulate the nuances of each category. This modular system gives us the ability to showcase our breadth of expertise and creativity. Each icon emphasizes certain characteristics of design in each category. For example the Civic + Municipal icon calls to mind classic architectural features like rotundas, found in many government buildings, in combination with more purist geometric forms.