Brook Park Elementary School

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Key Details Extensive Elementary School Renovations / Upgrades to Accommodate Better Learning Environments

Status Complete

Client Metropolitan School District - Lawrence Township

Role Architect of Record

The Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township is committed to the idea that every student and employee deserves a vibrant, safe environment that is conducive to learning. METICULOUS was trusted to be the Architect of Record designing and overseeing $18+ million in renovations and remodeling within six schools simultaneously – two elementary schools: Brook Park and Winding Ridge, as well as four Early Learning Centers. Our synchronized design approach centered on collaborating with district administration and school leadership to create stimulating learning environments, and safe and secure entrances, whilst reconfiguring dated classrooms and common areas for comfortable and aesthetically pleasing spaces to better accommodate students and staff.

Other key considerations were given to recommissioning mechanical systems and updating finishes throughout each facility. Primary goals for these efforts were to create safer learning environments, enhance students' experiences through learning environments, enhance students' experiences in comfortable surroundings, and provide inspirational learning environments for students and staff. METICULOUS performed full services as the Architect of Record through all design and construction phases including building needs assessment, programming, scope verification, concept design, Interior design, design production and documentation, code compliance, and construction oversight for the project.