Gary Housing Authority Broadway Corridor exterior elevation rendering.
Broadway Corridor Transit-Oriented Development

Gary, Indiana, USA

Key Details Reimagining a Vacant Site into a Vibrant Opportunity for Community Development

Status Concept

Client Gary Housing Authority

Role Planner I Concept Designer

Gary leaders and residents are looking to the future with a vibrant Livable Broadway Regional Plan to create a vision of growth and development centered around Transit-Oriented benefits. From supporting new developments, to sustainable and efficient land use planning, to improving reliability and speed, the community is focused on cohesive and responsible planning.

As part of this effort, METICULOUS provided concept designs for mixed-use residential and commercial development along the prominent Broadway Avenue in support of reinvestment and intensification of invigorating the Downtown Core. This designation supports walkable mixed-use development along key corridors in the city such as Broadway and 5th Avenue. It supports buildings with different uses such as office, retail, services, dining, residential, and public or other compatible uses. It supports the organization of services, amenities, and housing choices in direct relationship to anchor neighborhoods or institutions, or in areas of increased activity. Buildings in this designation are encouraged to face the primary roadway and be designed to create an attractive, safe pedestrian environment.