Citizens Affairs Complex

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Key Details New Design of a 230,000 sf Corporate I Governmental Facility

Status Complete

Client Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi

Role A METICULOUS Principal (in association with RW Armstrong International) provided Design Management I Design Production Services

The concept solution for the Emirate Government development Citizens Affairs Complex Office Building and Community Center is based on the ideas of form following function and the impact of transparency and opacity on the internal spaces. The design solution considers the contextual surroundings in regard to existing architecture, planned development as provided in the Master Plan guidelines, and the opportunities for views and access to the building. Additionally, the concept focuses on studying each façade and the function behind it, to determine the solar impact on the building and how that affects the end user.

The North façade has more glass to take advantage of the natural daylight and views to the canal and promenade. The East and West facades have more vertical elements to control the rising and setting sun angles. The South façade is more solid and has shading devices to assist with managing the intense solar impact.