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Justin Ferguson Is Session Chair and Panelist at Schools of Thought Conference

Meticulous Design +Architecture’s Director of Urban Design + Planning, Justin Ferguson, AIA, PhD, recently participated in the Schools of Thought Conference at the University of Oklahoma. Along with more than 100 design educators from over 50 US institutions Justin discussed possible ways to broaden architectural education to include a more diverse student body as well as diverse ways of teaching the practice of architecture.

During the two-day conference, attendees participated in an interactive workshop on diversity and inclusivity in the classroom and studio environment, toured the Renegades: Bruce Goff and the American School of Architecture exhibition, and had the opportunity to take in more than 60 presentations engaging questions about the future of design education, which addressed questions of community participation, design-build, social equity, and more. Justin chaired the two-day session track for Participatory Design and Community Engagement.

To watch Justin’s presentation, click here.

The conference closed with a panel discussion, moderated by Gibbs College dean Hans E. Butzer, with panelists Christian Dagg, head of the Auburn University School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture; Elysse Newman, Director of the Clemson University’s Institute for Intelligent Materials, Systems and Environments; Carmina Sanchez-del-Valle, Professor of Architecture at Hampton University; Justin Ferguson, Director of Urban Design + Planning at Meticulous Design +Architecture; and Sharon Sutton, FAIA, visiting professor at Parsons School of Design.

Collaboration was a central topic during the final panel discussion. It included thought provoking questions and comments about education, collaboration, and the practice of architecture.

  • The ability to share, to exchange, to become comfortable about sharing; making yourself vulnerable to share ideas you really believe in knowing that somebody may oppose and reject.

  • Together we build. Communities are built together.

  • Yet. It’s only one person who graduates. . . It’s one person who is hired.

  • How do we balance collaboration with proving you (a student) have the expertise, individually (to be an architect)?

It was a great dialog between the panelists! Watch the final portion of their discussion here. If you would like to watch the entire final panel discussion, click here. Lastly, for an excerpt of Justin’s comments click here.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like information about MD+A’s Urban Design + Planning studio, contact Justin Ferguson.

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