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PROJECT SCOPE: 11,600 Sq. Ft.

In association with Domain Architecture.

The program for the Haughville branch included a children’s story theater, a large public meeting room, coffee shop, fireplace, and a ‘cityscape’ feature wall in the children’s area. The design concept intended to suggest a ‘rebirth’ of  the Haughville neighborhood is presented through the use of modern materials and exterior forms.  The building is situated with its East-West axis and forward sloping upper roof facing toward the university and Downtown as a gesture to progress and forward movement, while providing an ‘urban edge’ along West Michigan Street and Belmont Avenue in keeping with the area’s urban context.  Exterior forms and materials are continued into the interior, including the protrusion of exposed concrete walls thru the building and the expression of sloping, glazed curtain wall at the upper main reading room

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