PROJECT SCOPE: 105,000 Sq. Ft. Mixed-Use


The proposed new development is heralded as a poster project

for mixed-use redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization.

The ‘Intentional Community of Creatives’ is organized into two

integral components; a Live Zone (80 Residential Units) and Work

Zone (25,000 s.f. Retail/Commercial). The Live Zone is arranged

to be set towards the North side of the site and the Work Zone

planned to be located closer to 38th street, promoting a sense of



The residential area is characterized with internally oriented

apartments and a large central courtyard as the centerpiece, with

landscaped buffers at the perimeter of the site. The Work Zone

engages the community with diverse, as well as flexible, rentable

retail and commercial space. The design incorporates space for

artistic showcase and various cultural activities which promote

the development as a benchmark for future mixed-use projects.

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