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PROJECT SCOPE: 26,000 Sq.Ft. Commercial/Mixed-Use  80-Unit Residential Development

OWNER: HFT Developments, LLC

SERVICES: Architect of Record, Program Management,  Architectural Design I Design Production Construction  Administration

The proposed new development is heralded as a poster project for mixed-use redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization. The ‘Intentional Community of Creatives’ is organized into two integral components; a Live Zone (80  Residential Units) and Work Zone (26,000 Sq.Ft. Retail/Commercial). The Live Zone is arranged to be set towards the  Northside of the site and the Work Zone planned to be located closer to 38th street, promoting a sense of destination.

The design incorporates space for artistic showcase and various cultural activities which promote the development as a benchmark for future mixed-use projects.

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